Conducted with our methodical approach.

Safety is always at the forefront and our main climbers / operators are qualified to NPTC unit 41 standard (felling and dismantling). Tree Felling & Dismantling

Tree Felling, Tree Dismantling to remove trees by cutting them to ground level, this can be carried out at most times of the year except for when birds and wild animals are nesting.

Many trees need to be dismantled fully due to things such as their location to property & buildings, highways, gardens, and in some circumstances, other trees.

The tree will then have a treatment of translocated herbicide where necessary to ensure no re-growth, or if required we can have the stump ground out using our Rayco stump grinder.

We cover all aspects of tree surgery including the following:

• Emergency Tree Work • Tree Dismantling/Crane Work • Crown Reducing • Pollarding • Tree Felling • Tree Surgery • Section Felling • Pruning • Stump Grinding • Stump Removal • Hedge Shaping

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves the removal of a stump to a specific depth, generally between 150mm and 300mm. Upon completion of stump removal, the remaining hole will be filled back in with soil or grinding waste to leave a level surface leaving minimal traces of work.